Private Sessions


Laura Gates: Hands-on Work

Private Sessions offer hands on techniques, the most potent application of our work. The sessions offer some of the most effective techniques available today for long lasting, and substantial change for your body and health on all levels. Sessions come with support materials for your home practice.


From the center to the extremities

Each session addresses different aspects of the contractive patterns presenting, working from the center outwards. Re-patterning the major central muscle groups of the torso takes about 4-5 sessions. It may take 4-10 sessions to address and solve presenting issues depending on severity.


Re-Educating Muscle/Brain Connections

The techniques are a collaboration between the practitioner touch feedback and the client’s sensing to re-educate the muscle/brain connections leaving the muscle groups at their optimum resting length and creating greatly improving voluntary control and sensation in the tissues.


Increased Mobility

Longer resting length means more motion. More mobility means less compression to joints, and bones moving to a better position creating better posture, less compression to vertebrae, and very often a decrease of pain and stiffness, and moving you towards doing more of what you enjoy, such as athletic activities, or simply more pleasurable walking. More motion also equals more blood flow and nourishment to muscles, bones, discs, fascia, and with it comes increased oxygen intake, lymphatic health, and effects positively literally every system.


Learning Movement Sequences

Each session includes the learning of movement sequences for daily use specific to the muscles re-patterned in that session to turn the changes achieved in session into new brain habits. Over time, you will increase your solo skills (and results) and repertory for your home practice, with a variety of somatic movement sequences. Drawings and audiovisual support will be provided.

Sessions build on the previous one towards substantial and long lasting change for the body and nervous system. Daily somatic practice will produce new habits on a neurological level that replace your old movement habits and help promote long lasting change.


video: sample private SESSION

Here is a quick glimpse at what you can expect at a Hanna Somatic private session with Laura Gates.


Attire During Session

You remain fully dressed during the session in comfortable, flexible clothing. Please bring or wear socks.





15 E 11th St, basement apt 1L New York, NY 10003

(the door to the basement suite is a distance east of 15 E 11th. Its easiest to find 21 E 11th st, and walk left 10 feet to the gate with stairs descending to basement apt 1L.)

Session Locations



By appointment. Inquire to schedule


I'm often on the road while teaching seminars and workshops in various location such as Melbourne Australia, York, UK, Madison NJ, Calgary and Edmonton Canada.

Check my schedule for availability.