A Basic Somatic Sequence

Here’s a basic somatic sequence known as “Arch and Flatten”. It can help relieve lower back pain. Remember to work with your muscles in a gentle way.

Instructions and video below:

The “Arch and Flatten” Instructions:

Lay on your back on firm padded surface. Bring knees up so that feet are planted on the floor. Place hands on lower belly.

Inhale and send the breath into your hands, as though gently blowing up a small balloon, and allow pelvis to roll a little towards tail bone, arching the low back slightly. On the exhale, let the waist sink down towards the floor, rolling the pelvis towards the head.

Gradually increase the rolling pelvis to your full range of motion but within your comfort zone. Keep it slow, smooth, and your effort gentle, never pushing into discomfort or stretch. Gradually increase the rolling motion of the head so that when you inhale/arch the lower back, the chin is gently tucked in. When you exhale and flatten the waist down, rock the chin upwards so the back of neck muscles are engaged. Explore this movement for 5-10 minutes, parallel rolling of pelvis and head.

Lengthen the legs out on the floor again, and notice how the low back and neck feels.


The “Arch and Flatten” Video:

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